Seeing Artists Before you Kick It.

Bucketlist Entertainment (once known as Bucketlist Music Reviews) IS BACK.

We have made some changes to the content we will be providing you.

Our content will include special guests, reviews of our favourite (and not so favourite) albums, movies, shows and much more.


A new beginning.

It was with the mindset of “when I get to see it, then I can die happy,” that the idea of Bucketlist Music Reviews was born by founder and editor in chief, Liz Imperiale, in 2013. With a love for art and a moral obligation to share that love with the rest of the world, a team of rag tag music fanatics of all shapes and sizes banded together under her guidance for the sake of spreading the good, the bad, and the grotesque for all to see by the mighty written word. As the passage of time rolled, some friendly faces came and went among teammates and community alike. As time changed a great many things in the world, Bucketlist herself had no intention of being left by the wayside. Though the written word is still loved and cherished here, the transition to our current platforms have given Bucketlist the ability to grow and connect even deeper with our beloved community, even further connecting the bond between artist and fan. Bucketlist Entertainment is here, and always will be your guide to seeing bands before you kick it.


We understand that by taking down old content it could affect artists’ EPKs. Please get in touch with us if you would like a copy of your review/would like a quote.


Let us know if you want your music to be promoted.

We have been working with countless artists, promoters and publicists to help promote their brand. Please get in touch if you would like to be showcased on any of our platforms.

*Please note: we are no longer reviewing albums.*

    we are here to support you.