Our overall verdict "Excellent"

In March of 2013, California-based Zombie Death Stench brought us their third album, The Coming Bloodbath, which was released by Turkey Vulture Records/Bungalo Records/Universal Group Distribution. This band defines originality. Having no actual genre linked to their name, they could best be described as a mix of death metal, black metal, and thrash, along with horror film score elements.

Beginning the album, there’s the twenty-five second intro song “Lost Transmission”— a scary synthed-out instrumental consisting of rain, cop sirens, and what sounds like something from the score of The Evil Dead. I have chills listening to this. The album then brings me to the heavier “Demonic Possession” which totally wakes me the fuck up with its blasting snares, insane thrashy guitar riffs, and my fav, the dark vampire-esque synths. The monster-like vocals are notoriously scary, making me picture some demonic creature singing to me before taking my soul.

“Darkstar Creation” is the fourth song on the album and while being a little White Zombie influenced, I still have not heard a band like this before. It’s a little slower than the previous songs and there are some lighter-pitched water drop keys which project well with the slower, heavy drums. The guitars continue to pound, bringing in a deep tempo and feel.

When I listened to the album’s first released single, “10 000 Mutants”, all I could picture is the scary forest scene in every horror movie; complete with demons chasing me through the night. There are clips of planes flying by brought out through the keys, along with simple high & low pitch sounds that bring about the nightmares that you can only hear in horror movies. The drums pound along twinned with lyrics such as, “Ten thousand mutants roaming, searching for destruction”. Those same kinds of lyrics make these guys as entertaining as they are. The guitars aggressively smash away with mad solos mid-song. Sirens play towards the end and I can again picture those 10 000 mutants chasing me, wanting to feed off me— which is exactly what the lyrics are saying— they completely capture that feeling in the music.

Other singles released off the album include “Taste of Death” and “Darkstar Creation”. A video is set to be released for “Darkstar Creation” soon but, and I quote, “We still need to get thirty gallons of blood and need to wait for our actress to be available,” says Sean. Being a horror movie buff myself, I am stoked to see this video!

It’s not every day that you hear a metal band like this, which is why I am so drawn to them. Having been around for seven years, these guys really do bring the old school sounds of classic metal with elements of their own modern (and I will say it again) scary horror metal. We have Jason Rossetti on lead guitar, Sean Walusko on rhythm guitar and vocals, Matt Howe on bass and vocals, and drummer Mark Burkett who also happens to be legally blind. Having played drums since the age of thirteen, Burkett has taken a few lessons and has played genres ranging from jazz, funk, fusion, and now to metal. You can definitely hear the jazz-y influence while he plays. He’s probably one of the best drummers I’ve heard in a while. “We don’t have a typical metal drummer. It’s changed how me, Matt, and Jason write and play. We’re a lot groovier and catchier because of Mark,” says Sean.

All four members contribute to the writing. They began writing The Coming Bloodbath in 2010, recorded it in 2011 through their own Zombifog studio, and Sean mixed & mastered it himself. The band won Best Metal Rock Band in the Modesto, California music award in 2012.

Horror metal at its best! With a name like Zombie Death Stench, you need to check these guys out.

The album is available for download on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-coming-bloodbath/id619514522

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ZombieDeathStench

Written by Liz Imperiale