Our overall verdict "Great"
Musical Ability: 8/10
Stage Presence: 7.5/10
Crowd: 7/10

It was a dark, cold, rainy Halloween night as I ran late for the Carnaval de L’Horreur party held at Petit Campus and had hoped I did not miss The Von Rebels performance. I arrived at 10pm on the dot, and ran into Davey Rawk-it (guitarist / Walk of Shame /Haddonfield)

“Halloween” was typically what they opened with; a fun, loud intro to go with the theme and holiday. The band was covered in blood as if they had just got out of a brawl, which was a nice touch. The band screams of sex while on stage with their badass rock ‘n’ roll look and attitude.

vonrebels5During “Fast Lane,” about four or five people from the crowd approached the stage after Eric Bhell (bassist) yelled, “C’MON FUCKERS!” with a hand gesture asking people to get closer. They moved around to the loud heavy rock ‘n’ rollers on stage; some in garter belts, others covered in blood/zombified/or wearing pinup zombie dolls.

“Yeah, we’re The Von Rebels…happy Halloween…trick or treat boys and girls…” said Chris Von Danger (vocals / guitarist) as one of my favs began: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel”. Mike-E’s drumming was hard and tight throughout as the vonrebels4boys sang “…rock n roll is the only way to go…” shaking their heads on stage as they moved around to the music and played their guitars loud and rough. Eric took centre stage quite a few times, holding his bass in the air with a look of angst.

“We wanna feel you…we wanna touch you…we wanna get blood all over you…”  Chris told the crowd in his sexy raspy voice. The band seemed displeased with the crowd hiding in the back of the venue. I hoped to see more dancers up there myself. Chris’ little speech did help as more people gathered toward the stage in the end and danced all around likelittle zombies.

“Fired up” was the seventh song of the set and Davey took over vocals. He was a lot more crisp/clear than Chris was throughout the set. During this song, they both sounded nice and loud enough, making a great duet of scream-y rock ‘n’ roll vocals as they both went apeshit.

“Is it loud evonrebels2nough for you?” Chris intro’d for “Too Damn Loud.” The guys held their guitars like modern-day Elvis Presleys. I generally love the Rebels’ songs as they are all very loud, catchy, and fun to dance and sing along to. I felt that very reaction from the crowd as well.

The Von Rebels like to describe their music genre as “rock ‘n’ roll mixed with gas guzzling hard driven speed rock.”  They’ve been together since 2012.

Check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thevonrebels

Their next show is November 22nd at Bar L’Hémisphère Gauche in Montreal. (https://www.facebook.com/events/168848643318321/)

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by Chloé Laëtitia   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chlo%C3%A9-La%C3%ABtitia-Photographe/299754326710857